About Me

I’m a web developer with 18 years’ experience building websites and web applications on various platforms. My formal title at my current job (Toyo Engineering) is “IT Developer/Analyst,” which is utterly generic. I’m calling myself the SharePoint Architect for the most part. I do the day-to-day administration of various SharePoint sites and servers. I also develop web applications on the SharePoint platform, do a little graphic design, troubleshoot apps and server configurations for other developers, dabble in a little infrastructure, create training packages for various groups of users within the company, and produce video and audio for assorted fiendishly  corporate purposes.

I also moonlight in my scarce free time as a developer for Left Hand Media Co-op, a non-profit cooperative association aimed at promoting socially-conscious endeavours through digital media, education and community engagement.

In my professional capacity I often come across ideas, concepts, scraps of code, etc. which I feel would be of use to the general web or application development community, and SharePoint devs in particular. This blog is a place to post said bits and pieces, as well as a place to ruminate in public – often on things better left unsaid.

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